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Faz3et Shabab is a makeshift grassroots campaign that emerged spontaneously in response to the Covid-19 crisis facing Jordan today. It aims to mobilize individuals and the private sector to support the country at this time of crisis.


As young Jordanians, living both in the country and abroad, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the efforts being carried out by the healthcare sector and government to contain the novel coronavirus. 


The Faz3et Shabab team and their close families and friends will anchor the campaign with the initial JOD100,000 of funds.

The campaign will be documented and financially audited to ensure transparency and accountability for all donors. 

The initiatives

Funding will be allocated to the below initiatives, in order of priority. The Faz3et Shabab team will allocate resources and may readjust allocations depending on where they are most critically needed.

Supplies and medical devices for hospitals and clinics

Target: JOD 150,000+. The first tranche of money raised will go towards supporting this initiative. 

Objective: Supply hospitals and clinics working with Coronavirus patients in Amman and other governorates in need with Personal Protective Equipment and necessary medical devices. These will be first sourced from local suppliers, then from regional and international suppliers based on the availability of supply and funding. The Faz3et Shabab team will supervise the entire process, from purchasing the supplies to ensuring that they are delivered to hospitals that need them most. We will be ensuring supplies are inventoried to avoid misuse. 

Partners: The initiative is being undertaken by the Faz3et Shabab team with support from Al Khalidi Medical Center who are helping source supplies and support with distribution to hospitals in need. 


Hygiene kits for vulnerable families & frontline workers

Target: JOD 30,000+. The second tranche of money raised will support this initiative. 

Objective: Provide workers on the frontlines of the economy who are exposing themselves to contagion risk during the lockdown by providing them with necessary hygienic material like masks, sanitizer, disinfectant, and soap.

Partners: The initiative is being undertaken by the Faz3et Shabab team with support from Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya who will help with packaging and distribution of the kits, Aramex who will help distribute the kits throughout Jordan and Amman TV who will produce and deploy an awareness campaign.


Supporting financially vulnerable families

Target: Open. Additional capital raised, depending on requirements of the above two initiatives, will be channeled to this initiative.  

Objective: Provide financially vulnerable households who were dependent on daily income jobs with no unemployment protection with necessities such as food and household items during the lockdown. 

Partners: Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya will be conducting this campaign, Faz3et Shabab will support them with fundraising



Supporting the initiative

If you or your company would like to support or sponsor an initiative in any way, or would like to have other initiatives that we can help with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 


Support welcome:

  • Access to PPE and other medical supplies in Jordan.

  • Access to ventilators and respirators.

  • Foodstuffs and other household items.

  • Logistics and distribution within various governorates in Jordan.

  • Access to hospitals in need of support.

  • Campaign promotion and fundraising. 

  • Any other means of support are also welcome.

Faz3et Shabab Team

Khaled Khalifeh

Fares Ghandour

Rawan Khawaldeh

Al Anoud Khalifeh

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